Off-season lifting and hitting

Posted by Broomfield High School Baseball on Dec 02 2022 at 07:04AM PST

Thank you to all that attended our information meeting on Tuesday night. This email is a follow-up to that meeting with more information about our off-season lifting and hitting programs. While this program is optional, it is highly recommended, and the importance of strength training cannot be understated.

Lifting program details:

Location: Slammers North: 2400 Industrial Ln Suite 1000, Broomfield, CO 80020

Dates: 12/5 – 2/24 (session 1 – off season)
2/27 – 5/19 (session 2 – in season)

Days: Mon-Wed-Thu – Freshman and Sophomores Lift
Tue-Wed-Fri – Juniors and Seniors Lift

Time: 7am-8am M-F

Cost: $75/mo per player – for trainer, link for payment below


Additional information:

· Slammers will also be throwing in Loden Testing (Sean Campbell former Pro Guy) they do this with all their players. It will give us their athletic scores through running (on gates) and jumping on sensors. Baseline testing on 12/14

· Our final testing day will be the last week of the program (May 11th) to evaluate each athlete’s progress in the last 6 months.

· Each athlete will receive a TeamBuildr account through Slammers North to track their training daily. This account will have to be separate from the TeamBuildr account you may already have with Broomfield. It is important that each athlete tracks their weights used every day to stay organized and to make sure the individual athlete is progressing properly throughout the program.

Hitting program details:

Dates: 1/9 – 2/24

*Days: * Mon and Thu – Juniors and Seniors Hit
Tue-Fri – Freshman and Sophomores Hit

*Cost: * $0, Slammers is allowing us use for free